Saturday, February 28, 2009

End of Tax Year Stock Clearance Sale

In order to help us with our stock count at the end of March, we have decided to offer a huge 30% discount across the heat pack range for the whole of March 2009!!

The discounts have been built into the prices shown on the shopping page at, and the normal prices are shown in the product descriptions.

We have even introduced a 'set pack' specially, containing a neck & shoulder pack, a pair of foot pals and a palm pal: these would normally be £33 separately, £23.10 with the 30% discount, but we are introducing them for only £20 - that's a saving of just under 40%!!

And the sale still even includes free postage, too!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

American Express

Firstly - A Happy New Year to all of our Customers and Clients!!

To begin the New Year we have a January discount offer of 15%: we hope it will be very welcome in the current cold snap!

Also, we now accept American Express cards for payment, to add to the Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Solo and JCB cards that we already accept: so, a big welcome to all those Amex card holders out there!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Christmas Discount

Having had another busy year, we are happy to offer customers a 15% pre-Christmas discount. Just use code XMAS08 at the checkout (not available with Google Checkout) at

We successfully launched our Zen Cart online shop in July, bringing card payments to our online customers for the first time in 4 years! We also added Google Checkout at the same time, and now all of these payment channels work alongside PayPal that we have always offered online.

The experience of setting up a Zen Cart shop was a little over-whelming to begin with! But once we got underway with the design, we started to understand more of the technicalities, and now we wouldn't be without it - it is very easy to keep up to date, with loads of features and functionality. We are very happy to recommend Zen Cart to anyone looking for an e-commerce solution.

Google Checkout proved to be one of the stumbling blocks on our new shop - they withdrew the %age discount functionality from the UK market, so that we have to run 2 discount streams whenver we have an offer going. Google Checkout does have its good points, though, among them the lack of fees for Adwords clients: they allow you to receive £10 income for every £1 spent on Adwords before charging you any fees, and they don't charge for withdrawals under £50. It would just be great if they would re-introduce the %age discounts again!

We also successfully launched a campaign to get local Distributors around the UK for our Heat Packs, while giving them the option to take our Eye Eco products too. We have also started looking further afield into Europe, with possible Distributors in Slovenia and Slovakia: we welcome enquireies from other parts of Europe keen to take on Heat Packs and Eye Eco. You can find details about being a Distributor at

We would like to thank all of our customers for the ongoing patronage, and wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Limited Company Status!

Due to the successfull re-branding in summer 2006, The Real Heat Pack Company went Limited in late 2006. The reason for the late posting is that we have been so busy for the last year that we haven't had enough time to updaste the blog!
We launched the re-branded website, and that has just undergone a major revision to create a better style, look and interface for users. This latest version went live in December 2007.

The Company also added a very exciting product range in July 2007: Tranquileyes Eye Hydration Products from Eye Eco California, with the sole UK distributions rights. The relationship with Eye Eco began when we produced the small heat pack (Thermoeyes) for their fantastic Tranquileyes range, and we have been working closely with them ever since to bring the products to the UK market. More information can be found at and at our Eye Eco blog at

Our Heat Pack product range took on a pace during 2007 with the introduction of fully branded products: we now have 4 permanent sizes of heat pack in our range: Hand Warmers, Palm Pals (shaped like a hand, and medium in size), Foot Pals, which come in pairs, and Neck & Shoulder Packs. The details and uses of these great products can be seen at the relaunched website,

Now, in January of 2008, we are looking for others to share in our success with the heat packs: we want to find distributors across the UK, people who are looking either for a good part time income, or who want to build a full time business as we have done. We are not looking for a major investment, just £97 (+£10 p&p): details are available at Another new website for us!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Real Heat Pack Company has arrived!

The Real Heat Pack Company

The BenTasha Group has re-launched their heat & therapy packs under the new name of The Real Heat Pack Company. The previous branding, just BenTasha, didn’t give a sensible view of the product. The new name gives a much clearer indication of what the product is. The Heat & Therapy Packs themselves are still the same high quality products that you have come to expect from The BenTasha Group, and are quite capable of demonstrating their own usefulness.
The Heat & Therapy Packs fulfil a number of tasks from simply supplying heat at a cold moment to providing powerful relief from pain. They can even be used chilled as a cold compress for sprains and twists. They are also versatile as they don’t require an external heat source to ‘power them up’: they can be activated anywhere, just by clicking a small metal disc inside the pouch. The current range includes a fantastic Neck & Shoulder pad that, at 18” wide, can sit easily across most shoulders, and has a central flap that sits up the neck, giving relief over a large and often painful area.
The Real Heat Pack Company offer both a retail and a wholesale service, the latter of which includes a great design service for those wanting to have their own branded Heat & Therapy Packs. Marketing agents are using this service for their clients as promotional items. Therapists and therapy product retailers are also making good use of the service, and some of their products are even featured on network shopping channels.
Customer feedback about the products has always been very good, most people just being amazed at how quickly the heat pack heats up. The new name for the company has also met with great approval from customers and marketing people too.
The Real Heat Pack Company remains very firmly within The BenTasha Group, but allows the products to have their own identity within the whole group.
The products can be seen at or directly at where you can also find information about the other parts of The BenTasha Group, products and services designed to help promote a healthier body and mind.
For further information about The Real Heat Pack Company, or indeed any part of The BenTasha Group, please feel free to contact Mark or Lorna.,,
+44 (0)845 430 9684 or +44 (0)1442 248122.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New Service Offered by The BenTasha Group

We have now launched our new service: we now offer a design and make service for your own heat packs! If you would like to sell your own heat packs, or perhaps offer heat packs as a promotional item, we can now provide you with a full service, from deciding on size, shape and design through to delivery to your distribution centre. We take care of all the import side, and you get a finished product, ready for market or promotion. The heat packs don't need to be standard sizes, as we can arrange for specials to be made easily, maybe featuring your 'theme', such as football shaped for clubs, or torso shaped for therapists! The heat packs themselves are fully printable on both sides, full colour, and the packaging can be fully printed and, indeed, designed for you. Call Mark on 0845 430 9684/01442 248122 or email for more information.

We are also pleased to offer wholesale prices on our existing stock should you not want to have your own branding, or high level stock holding. Contact Mark for details.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

New Heat Packs arrive at BenTasha

We have recently received our new stock of heat packs: we still have our very popular hand warmers, but we now also have palm shaped pads for holding over localised pain or for gloves and boots, and also large neck and shoulder pads which go right across the shoulders with a flap to go up the neck. These new heat packs are proving even more popular than the hand warmers, and are flying off the shelves! To view the range, please visit

We have also launched our Neways website at, afantastic range of non-toxic personal care products. They have removed the Sodium Laureth Sulphate and Propylene Glycol from the products, these being skin irritants! They also have household , pet & vehicle products as well as a range of supplements. Lorna will be happy to talk to you about the products on 0845 430 9684 or by email to
We have also launched Gift Baskets based on the Neways personal care range, and you can see some information at, or contact Lorna for more information.